Thursday, June 23, 2011

Full time jobs

Well I feel like I am not a "true blogger" because I have been awful at updating our blog. You should know that convention season is starting at my work, which means 10-12 hour work days will be normal during the summer. Kind of stinks but thats what happens when you grow up, right? Well for those of you who don't know, I am a project manager at a marketing company called Vox. I have decided to go through step by step in each job that I am in charge of.

  1. Make a presentation of items that a customer is looking for and present it to them.
  2. Figure in embroidery or screen printing if a logo is being labeled on their product
  3. Order samples if requested, then send it to the customer
  4. If they love the items, then mock up a proposal with the items requested
  5. Create purchase order requests to each vendor under the job, including a PO for printing/embroidery
  6. Fax over/email PO's to each vendor
  7. Call and confirm that all PO's were received
  8. Email the art (logo) to vendors explaining where it will be placed
  9. Receive a mock up proof of what the product will look like once finished
  10. Forward that mock up proof to the customer and wait for approval
  11. Once approved from customer, email vendors and give approval to proceed with production
  12. After a few days call each vendor and get tracking information for items
  13. Create a delivery receipt for customer when delivering/shipping items
  14. Follow up once product is received to make sure all is correct
  15. Fill out cover sheet and turn job into the Accounting Department

I wish I were exaggerating, but that really is just the icing on the cake of each job that I take care of. On average I have about 15-20 different jobs going on at once. This is no excuse to not blog, I will try to do better! It is crazy how busy life can get once you are married! But it's a good feeling knowing you end the day accomplishing a lot and actually working hard for your money! :)