Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dreaming BIG (probably too big!)

I'm obsessed with looking at model homes, interior design and finding ideas for my "dream home" I guess you would say. Well i saw these fun rooms and LOVE them! ENJOY! :)

I love these black staircases and the black wood floor. And this bathroom...ugh, I would DIE if I could have something close to this!

Another bathroom I would love to have some day! And this booth for a kitchen table is SO cool!

I love the idea of the black kitchen floor. It's classy!

Ben would never let me have a kitchen like this but I just think it is so cute!! I'm OBSESSED!

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  1. When you do decided to buy a house (I'm assuming you want to end up in Cali) hit me up! I'll have my real estate license within the next few months :-D