Monday, April 4, 2011

Why I hate Monopoly

I had always LOVED playing board games when I was younger. LIFE, Candy Land, pictionary, and others were all among some of the games every kid grows up with. Monopoly was one of them! Ben, Kyle, his little shoulder monkey (our cat Chess) and I played The Beatles Monopoly last night and I had played it a few times just with Ben recently as well, AND I AM HORRIBLE! I don't know if it is just luck, but I was just doing awful! I was trying to be good with my money and buy the good property, and invest into things, but Ben just kept winning! He owned all of the orange property and if we landed on it we owed $800. I swear, every time I rolled onto his property and he took ALL my money. I felt bad because I was getting SO mad (I apologized after of course) so I decided that I wouldn't play Monopoly again because of how upset I get. Anyways, the game is fun...I'm just not good at it. But it was definitely a fun night with my two favorite people!

Chess would NOT leave his shoulders! She was laying there forever! It was cute :)

Ben dominating at Monopoly (He is so smart when it comes to business and money!)


  1. I remember when we were young on New Years Day I would come over and we would always play LIFE, there was a good like 3 or 4 years that we did that! haha

  2. I hate playing games like that too with smart business-y people :p They take all the fun of winning (or loosing) away when they r actually good! lol

  3. a lot of it is luck- dont feel bad! it can get tricky!