Monday, November 1, 2010

Eat, Drink and be SCARY!

On Saturday morning Ben and I started off our Halloween by eating breakfast and playing a game called "Munchkin' Bites," which is a type of monster card game. I figured it would be a good way to start off Ben's FaVoRiTe holiday of the year. By the time we were done it was 11:30 and Ben said, "Alright, time to get our costumes on!" Haha, I started laughing but he was actually serious. We ended up wearing our costumes ALL day! Ben was a "dead Jack the Ripper" and I was a dead rag doll. Ben is all about the scariness of Halloween, so I decided that this year I would be something a little out of my comfort zone and be something dead. Anyways, we ended up walking around the mall while Ben scared the little kiddies. Afterward, we went to the family's house to have a Halloween party with everybody. Ben hid in a treasure chest in the walkway and would pop out at the trick or treaters as they came to the door. It was pretty funny. One Mexican child got scared and said "No quiero! No quiero!" and ran off down the street. It was hilarious. It was a fun Halloween all together, and I know that Ben is ALREADY thinking of plans for next year!

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  1. So fun! Love the pictures...and the story...sounds like a lot of fun. And you're the most beautiful dead rag doll I've ever seen.