Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Superbowl Weekend

This past weekend was a lot of fun, but also a difficult one as well. Let's start off with the fun stuff that started on Friday. Ben and I met up with some good friends, Kyle and Katrina Mack and went up to Ogden to go to a coffee house and listen to some bands play. It was a lot of fun to get out of Provo/Orem for once and do something I've never done before. It really inspired Ben to pursue his music a lot more, which I am happy about because he is so incredibly talented. Hopefully we will see that come out more. Saturday night Ben and I went to the Provo Beach Resort and went bowling and played some games there. It was [SO] much fun! When we got home Ben wasn't feeling too well, so that next morning we just went to sacrament and came home so he could rest.

That evening we went to his parent's house where his whole family got together to watch the super bowl. I wasn't too fond of either team that was playing but I will admit, I didn't think Ben Roethlisberger deserved to win after being charged with Rape. So I am satisfied that the Packers won. Not to mention, I thought Fergie sounded AWFUL during the halftime show. All in wasn't the BEST super bowl, but it was a good excuse for family to get together!

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