Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1 Month of us: Day NINE

Day 9: A picture of something you love

There are TONS of things that I love, the beach (of course!), ice cream, DIET COKE, cheetos, and many many other things in the world, BUT I must choose one that may or may not be too obvious. For me......

this seriously gives me chills. I LOOOOOVE it. Ben hates that I eat it, but being the wonderful man that he is, he lets me have some every now and then! :)

Ben is passionate about music, which most of you know. One of his favorite bands is Radio head, which I would have to agree with as well. They are such a talented band and I know that Ben loves listening to them! When we drove to California, we listened to Radio head for most of the trip. It was great!


  1. i loooove cookie dough too!! yes!!

  2. have you had the cookie dough cheesecake at the cheesecake factory? it is SO RICH and heavy- i had 2 bites and i was done. you should try it :)

  3. No!!! I am so tempted to try it now! I will have to remember that! :)