Monday, March 28, 2011

Poker, Craps, and Yahtzee?

Last night Ben and I decided to turn the TV off and play some good quality games together! We first started off with Ben's all time of course. We played a bunch of rounds and I was losing so I made him keep playing me until we got tied up again (which took maybe an hour!). After that we looked up on the internet how to play Craps. I quickly learned that I have the worst luck rolling dice. AT ALL! I lost EVERYTHING! I told Ben "I have such bad luck with dice! I want to play Yahtzee!" Uh, Yahtzee is all about rolling dice and Ben started busting up. I totally forgot how much fun Yahtzee was! Although I wasn't too lucky in Yahtzee, I still had a lot of fun playing it and screaming when one of us got a good roll. I lost twice out of our three games that we played, but it was a ball! Not to mention that eating cookie dough while playing topped it off. It was such a fun Sunday playing games with my man all night!


  1. We need to play again before you move! We love Yahtzee!