Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saving Seats at the Movies

Ben and I went to the movies last night to see Battle: Los Angeles [which was awesome by the way] and I know that saving seats for friends early can be a difficult matter for some people. I personally don't think that it is a big deal, in fact...I do it myself sometimes. So we were in the theater and had about 45 minutes before the movie started. There was this group of people that were saving about 10 seats (fine..whatever, no big deal right?). This one random guy sits down in one of the seats that they are saving and the group starts arguing with him. He says, "You can't save seats! It's not allowed!" WHILE he sets his sweatshirt down to save a seat for his wife. The group argues, "Why can't we? We were here first, and you are doing the SAME thing for your wife!" I was afraid some sucker punches were going to be thrown. It was pretty amusing and made the 45 minute wait for the movie go by pretty fast! The guy ended up finding a different seat, but I don't think saving seats is bad. Agree?/Disagree?


  1. Well I don't think "saving seats" is the center of the problem? Most Theaters don't have assigned seats, but some do. I remember seeing that new Startrek movie a couple years ago at the Imax in SLC and we had assigned seating. I believe it was my favorite experience at a movie theater. I could arrive at any time to the movie theater and I knew my seat would be waiting for me. Whereas at other theaters with no assigned seating stuff like this always happens. Instances like this bring out the worst in people because both sides feel they are right in what they are doing. So yeah my two cents is all movie theaters should have assigned seating, like any sports arena (example: Energy Solutions arena). They need to do away with these horrible lines we have to wait in and all these problems would just go away. I'm really not sure why all movie theaters don't have assigned seating.

  2. Agree. My family had this same problem at the last Twilight movie showing. We were first in line to get into our theater. We had bought out like 1/3 the theater for friends/family etc. so we saved two whole rows. most everyone one from our party was there and people were ticked because they had just come into the theater. so next time they just need to be early like our group was and wait. the early bird gets the worm..

  3. KIMMY!! I was so excited to see your comment on my blog, and to find yours!! Thanks for taking the time to reconnect. Now that I live way out in Texas, keeping in touch with people, especially through blogging, is very important to me. I'm excited to get updated on all that you and your husband are up to these days.

    As far as saving seats, I figure if someone goes to the trouble to get to the theater that early to save seats, more power to them. Now, if it was super crowded and the movie had started or was going to start very soon, then I might see why the guy was upset--he would feel like he bought a ticket and deserved a seat over those who were late and didn't have tickets yet. Like Tim above said though, these kinds of situations can bring out the worst in people, so you have to decide if that seat is worth your dignity!