Friday, March 11, 2011

One Month of us: Day TEN

Day 10: A Picture of your favorite band or artist

One of my MANY favorite bands is for sure Taking Back Sunday. I have listened to them since freshman year of high school and they are always my "go to" band if i don't know what to listen to. I'm obsessed with blasting their music in my car and singing super loud. was the first CD Ben and I listened to when we first went out! We went to their concert when they played with Blink 182 and I just about died! (literally...)

I have already mentioned before that one of Ben's all time favorite bands is Radiohead but I know that he also loves how artistic MCR is. They are also one of my favorites too. Black Parade is, in Ben's opinion, the best album that they have made and I can second that. They are coming to concert in Utah and I am really hoping that we can go!

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